Sunday, October 14, 2007

Campo's and Overpriced Denim

My friend Rudy is one of the few people who can convince me to change planned behavior. That is, if I was planning on not drinking, Rudy can get me to drink. If I'm supposed to leave for somewhere at three and take a train, Rudy can typically convince me to leave at six and drive with him. Rudy also convinced me to shell far too much money out on a pair of designer jeans just because he wanted to go to the jeans store. But they do look pretty good on me... (digression).

Anyway, Charlie's Jeans for Men is located on 2nd and Market...right by Campo's. Now I've always loved Campo's despite their relatively high prices, sometimes surly counter service, and a location pretty much always out of my way, but when in Rome, one should do like the Romans do.

I had my standard Chicken Salad. Their version is homemade (i.e. you know there's actual chicken in there) and the pieces are pretty chunky. There's also a decent amount of celery in the salad. There is, however, far too much mayo, as I still feel my arteries being clogged. I had the sandwich served standardly (with pickles on the side -- no free vinegar cukes here!) with lettuce, tomato on a hoagie roll. I added sharp provolone to the mix. Oddly, their sharp provolone is sprinkled on, leading to a little bit of a mess.

Taste wise, the sandwich was fantastic. Creamy mayo-chicken goodness, crunchy veggies, a soft roll, and a sharp tang from the cheese is about all you can ask for in life. With a soda, this came to a little pricey $10.

Rudy went with the cheesesteak, which he seemed to like a lot. His friend Paul, however, went with something worth discussing: The Stockyard. The Stockyard is a hoagie made with chicken, steak, both american and mascarpone cheeses, bacon, pepperoni, and fried onions. We watched them throw all of the meats on the grill, allowing the fats to meld, as they spread the bread with mascarpone. Then, melting the cheese, they put the entire heart attack on the bread. Now, Paul is not a small guy (he's probably around 6'4"), but he only got about halfway through what he called a great hoagie. On the flip side, when he brought his tray back in to have the other half wrapped to go, there was a big puddle of grease on the table. MMM...fat.

Anyway, Campo's is always a fun option down in Old City... 2nd and Market. Added Bonus? They sell beer.


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